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Our mission is to deliver a rich and rigorous educational experience in order to develop academically high-performing students with the leadership, character, and knowledge to achieve success in high school and beyond by focusing on a culture of academic achievement, respect, self-discovery, and community.

FLI’s culture is built on:

· Academic Achievement: Providing a rigorous learning experience

· Integrity: Operating with honesty, virtue and fairness

· Respect: Appreciating each person’s unique background and beliefs, and honoring the values of   others

· Self Discovery: Recognizing how students’ interests, talents and passions outside the classroom   complement the academic learning experience

· Community: Embracing the rich perspectives of diverse backgrounds and using them to make a difference in our neighborhood and beyond

6 days ago
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As we begin a new year, we encourage you all took look back at the books you read last year. What new books would you like to read in 2017? Today we are honored to provide every student in the school ... See more